About Alex

Alex Aili is obsessed with words. His blood runs with coffee. Pipe tobacco smoke swirls about him. And his mind constantly wanders into other worlds.

The love of the outdoors was instilled in him at a young age. The world seemed alive to his young mind. This fostered an imagination that continues to this day.

He is always in pursuit of stories, especially stories done well. He hopes he can contribute such stories of his own.

He enjoys life in MN, where he is enraptured with his wife, Jacinda. Their three valiant sons and one radiant daughter overwhelm him with joyous bustle. His family truly makes life more alive.


Short Stories


Night had fallen, but even in the shadows I could see a mob outside the fence to the ancient house. Most of the hapless souls murmured to themselves. A few, however, gnawed and clawed at Read more…

Empire of One

The gaunt man stumbled out of the broken building into the knee-deep snow, clutching a brittle black binder. His long, dark, centuries-unwashed hair whipped in the wind. He ambled to his idling pickup truck and Read more…